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Living Positive bg
In the 1990s, Sister Bernadette Kinniry co-founded Siloam, an organization that empowers HIV-positive individuals through therapy and mindfulness. "Living Positive" highlights Siloam's community, emphasizing the role of emotional and spiritual well-being  in post-diagnosis life.

Featuring: Siloam Wellness / Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Run time: 23:50

Welcome Home bg

Olanike, Sergio, and Fikiri settled in Indianapolis after leaving their home countries. After learning to navigate the many challenges of life in a new country, they’ve become dedicated to helping other immigrants and refugees maneuver their own hurdles through the Immigrant Welcome Center’s Natural Helpers program.

Featuring: Immigrant Welcome Center / Indianapolis, Indiana

Run time: 17:11

The Other Ones bg

What started as a state-sanctioned encampment on a seven-acre asphalt slab has evolved into a supportive community for people experiencing houselessness. Since becoming stewards of the site in the summer of 2020, The Other Ones Foundation (TOOF) has collaborated with residents to make the Esperanza Community a safe and dignified home while helping them attain permanent housing and other resources. This film is the first installment in a long-term project to document the community’s evolution into a transitional shelter complex.

Featuring: The Other Ones Foundation / Austin, Texas

Run time: 12:26

Food is the Medicine bg

When her daughter’s food allergy diagnosis turned her life upside down, Emily became committed to helping other families access nutritious, allergy-conscious food. Her experience led her to launch the Food Equality Initiative, a nonprofit based in Kansas City that provides subsidized, home-delivered groceries to hundreds of families.

Featuring: Food Equality Initiative / Kansas City, Missouri

Run time: 10:23